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Actually, Nordstroms has a new blog. It’s called The Thread. And some of it’s first issues are going behind the scenes of shoots featuring its foremost designers and collections, such as Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, Azzedine Alaia, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Proenza Schouler, Erdem. Definitely worth a peek.


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what captures our interest in fashion is not as much the clothes, as the mystique …


from The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier:

“An innovative exhibition design by the Paris-based architectural and stage design company Projectiles, showcases the couturier’s designs, as well as prints and video clips, illustrating many of Gaultier’s artistic collaborations. Throughout the galleries, thirty unique mannequins wearing remarkable wigs and headdresses by Odile Gilbert, founder of the Atelier 68 in Paris, come ‘alive’ with interactive faces created by technologically ingenious audiovisual projections, surprising visitors with their lifelike presence. Poetic and playful, the production, design and staging of this dynamic audiovisual element has been produced by Denis Marleau and Stéphanie Jasmin of UBU/Compagnie de création. A dozen celebrities, including Gaultier himself, have lent their faces—projected on to the mannequins—and often their voices to this project.”

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

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from east to west……
the red maple leaf is particularly appropo!

draw and shoot

Tomorrow, the first of July, we celebrate Canada Day and I was thinking about how fortunate I have been to recently travel to both the east and west coasts. It’s an expansive, diverse, and beautiful country, and I am grateful to live here.

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, and if you live south of the border, happy Fourth of July!

Boundary Bay, British Columbia

A silky Cape Breton sky.

Cape Breton bog flora. Below: Pitcher plants

All images © Karen McRae

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adjacent to Hieropolis and the Roman baths…the ancients loved their thermals

Third Country



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Oceanside, Oregon

“Thar Be Whales!”, Pacific City

Dory Cove, Pacific City, Oregon


A couple of the towns on Oregon’s west coast are Pacific City and Oceanside. Both are small and secluded, a bit further from the standard paths to Lincoln City and Cannon Beach to the north and south on Highway 101. But they are worth the journey. Both have beautiful volcanic “haystack” rocks jutting out of the sea, providing viewpoints and shape to the landscapes. Oceanside often has hang gliders sailing off from one of its rocky headlands, and vacation homes dot the steep hillside adjacent to the flat sandy beach. Pacific City is much smaller, but its restaurant Pelican Pub, is directly on the beach. It is one of the few beaches from which boats can be launched from shore, the old time wooden fishing dories from which the town’s cove is named. Surfers can also occasionally find waves here big enough to ride, but one thing you will always find, is that wave riders have to wear wetsuits because the Oregon waters are cold!

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Oregon is a unique state. It’s beauty has gotten a bum rap, nationally speaking. Portland, it’s most cosmopolitan city, known for being “stuck” in the Pacific Northwest, the part of the US between better known Seattle, to the north in Washington state, and the better known San Francisco and Los Angeles and Yosemite, to the south in California. But Oregon boasts a number of qualities and terrains that these other states don’t. We have beautiful Mt. Hood, just an hour to the east of Portland, full of pine forests and wild rivers with much to explore and hike. Many find the rolling hills, farms and wine country, of the central valleys, very similar to the terrain in England. To the east, Oregon’s high desert plateaus illustrate vulcanism similar to Craters of the Moon in Idaho, which is also better known. Our section of coastline on the Pacific waterfront, is one of the most accessible, being miles and miles of flat sandy beaches unbroken by private ownership. But stuck between two better known states, it seems much of Oregon is still “Undiscovered Country.”

Here is just a glimpse of a couple of vistas of our beautiful coastline. California may have a nice pier at Santa Barbara. And Malibu is better known because Joni Mitchell sang songs about it’s beach. But Oregon’s coastal vistas are just as beautiful if not popularized on TV and radio. Certainly we don’t have the same traffic jams, or access fees! In our state, visiting the beach is still free.

Cascade Head, Lincoln City

Bandon Headland

Bandon beach

Gold Beach, Brookings

volcanic shoreline Gold Beach

Pacific Highway 101, Manzanita

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Caldey Island, Tenby, Wales

I love coincidences.

By strange twist of fate, a song named for a place I visited in 1999 – Tenby, Wales.

The Caldey Island Blues. Christopher Twigg.

enjoy as much as I did!

Caldey Island Blues

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Bank of London

Les Miserables in Soho

Selfredge shoppers cross traffic at Leicester Square

the mime gawks at onlookers. Leicester Square, London


My images of London, circa 1999. Taken with a simple pinhole box panoramic camera, with elemental effects added later in Photoshop. Composing wide images like these, requires slightly different geometry than regular images, but I tried to make the most of each scene.

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via words of others.

~Susan Sontag ~

Recently, photography has become almost as widely practiced an amusement as sex and dancing – which means that, like every mass art form, photography is not practiced by most people as an art. It is mainly a social rite, a defense against anxiety, and a tool of power.

~ Roger Scruton~

Beauty can be consoling, disturbing, sacred, profane; it can be exhilarating, appealing, inspiring, chilling. It can affect us in an unlimited variety of ways. Yet it is never viewed with indifference: beauty demands to be noticed; it speaks to us directly like the voice of an intimate friend. If there are people who are indifferent to beauty, then it is surely because they do not perceive it.

~ Terence Donovan ~

The magic of photography is metaphysical. What you see in the photograph isn’t what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying.

~ Elizabeth Metcalf ~

The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photograph of herself.

~ Elliott Erwitt ~

Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times…I just shoot at what interests me at that moment.

~ Ruth Orkin ~

Being a photographer is making people look at what I want them to look at.

~ Henri Cartier-Bresson ~

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.

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