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Caldey Island, Tenby, Wales

I love coincidences.

By strange twist of fate, a song named for a place I visited in 1999 – Tenby, Wales.

The Caldey Island Blues. Christopher Twigg.

enjoy as much as I did!

Caldey Island Blues

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Bank of London

Les Miserables in Soho

Selfredge shoppers cross traffic at Leicester Square

the mime gawks at onlookers. Leicester Square, London


My images of London, circa 1999. Taken with a simple pinhole box panoramic camera, with elemental effects added later in Photoshop. Composing wide images like these, requires slightly different geometry than regular images, but I tried to make the most of each scene.

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Leaves and Flowers

Leaves and flowers are never rated the same:
Flowers put into pots of gold; leaves turn to dust.
Still there are the green foliage and the red blooms.
Folded, stretched out, open or closed: all naturally beautiful.
These flowers, these leaves, long mirror each other’s glory:
When their greens pale, their reds fade —
it’s more than one can bear.

–Li Shang-yin, Chinese poet.


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* Tenby *

A little advertised coastal town at the southern tip of Wales, Tenby was once a favorite Edwardian vacation spot a little further west than Bath. It’s picturesque harbor has a mediterranean feel, and it’s hotels line a cliff overlooking a smooth stretch of coastline visitors can wander along for miles at low tide. And smooth seas make the area ideal for boating activities such as paragliding over the water and even windsurfing. And central to Tenby are the castle walls which enclose the heart of the old town. It’s a wonderful place to spend a few days if you happen to be near Dyffed.

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