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Breath Deep

Alternate nostril breathing
Sounds funny. But it has a very real effect as a form of meditation.

Try this:

Sit up straight. Close the right nostril with the right thumb. Draw in the air very, very slowly through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril also with little and ring fingers of the right hand. Retain the air as long as you can comfortably do. Then exhale very, very slowly through the nostril after removing the thumb.

Then draw air through the right nostril. Retain the air as before and exhale it very, very slowly through the left nostril.

Repeat the above process 20 times in the morning and 20 times in the evening. Gradually increase the number. While breathing the above manner, imagine that with every exhalation, all tensions and negative attitudes (emotions) are leaving you and with every exhalation imagine that love, joy and peace are entering into being together with the air you are inhaling.

This kind of breathing cleanses the mind and the body, improves focus and concentration, and accelerates healing.

I’m in no way affiliated with, but found this information at:
Deep Trance Now

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Water Muses

This is a watercolor sketch of a figure in an oil painting I did.
I hope to expand on the series soon.

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