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via “World History and Bosnian Pyramids”

Almost everything they teach us about the ancient history is wrong: origin of men, civilizations and pyramids. Homo sapiens sapiens is not a result of the evolution and biologists will never find a “missing link”, because the intelligent man is product of genetic engineering. Sumerians are not the beginning of the civilized men, but rather beginning of another cycle of humanity. And finally, original pyramids, most superior and oldest, were made by advanced builders who knew energy, astronomy and construction better than we do.

In order to understand the ancient monuments, we need to view them through three realms: physical, energy and spiritual. Our scientific instruments are simply not enough to explain the purpose of oldest pyramids, for example. Mainstream scientists, archaeologists, historians and anthropologists, are often main obstacle for scientific progress.

Gap between physical and spiritual science is to be bridged if we want to get fully understanding of the past.

Twelve hundred ton stone block in Baalbeck (Lebanon) needs explanation. Who was able to shape, move and install four times bigger blocks than our, 21st century, capabilities? Yonaguni megalithic monuments (Japan) do belong to the previous cycle of humanity. Th

via WORLD HISTORY AND BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS 2011 – Fondacija “Arheološki park: Bosanska piramida Sunca, Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation.


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Upon watching BBC America’s coverage of the royal wedding (which was absolutely fantastic, btw), I became intrigued with the Great Pavement. The Great Pavement is the mosaic floor before the High Altar at Westminster Abbey.

The floor was commissioned by Henry III (a medieval English king known for his good taste in art and architecture) when he rebuilt the abbey in the mid 13th century. The style is deemed Cosmati work after the Italian family who developed that particular style of mosaic floor. It is beautiful, intricate, and mysterious. I love it. I want one. Seriously.

Set on a background of dark limestone called Purbeck marble, the various small pieces are made of cut metal, glass (which was not usually present in Cosmati work), precious stone, and marble–some of which was recycled from Roman ruins. 

There were inscriptions on the floor that are not very readable…

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Not Of This World Relics Hidden From Public View For Many Years Forgotten And Ignored – MessageToEagle.com.

MessageToEagle.com – Many of out-of-place relics have been hidden from public view for many years because they do not fit the traditional model of human prehistory.

According to this model based on evolutionary time scale, they are out-of-place because they predate human evolution.

Often forgotten and ignored, they still prove evolution theory false showing human existence much further back into Earth’s history.

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Not Of This World Relics Hidden From Public View For Many Years Forgotten And Ignored – MessageToEagle.com.

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