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lovely place to visit!


The beach in Bandol

Bike Rentals on L’Ile de Porquerolles

Grazing sheep in Gemenos

The Port at Sanary-sur-Mer

The hills above La Roquebrussanne

Purple flowers in full bloom in Sanary-sur-Mer

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from the blog, “Talking Story in Provence”


Oh look at that baby lamb. Cute cute cute. She’s being herded by a dog that has the same coloring as the first dog I remember having as a child. It was a Doberman that officially belonged to one of my older step-sisters. That old dog’s name was Mandy, named after a Barry Manilow song. I just YouTubed the song, and I still know all the words. The dog we have now is named after a Welsh singer, Duffy, who had a popular song on the radio the day we went to pick her up, Mercy. Maybe we should have named our dog Mercy instead….

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from the blog “a French Word-a-Day”

Ma grand-mère française préfère que je l’appelle “Granny” au lieu de “Mamie”. Et ma grand-mère américaine préfère que je l’appelle “Grand-mère, au lieu de “Grandma.” Elles sont compliquées, les “grandmothers,” n’est-ce pas? My French grandmother prefers that I call her “Granny” instead of “Mamie”. And my American grandmother prefers that I call her “Grand-mère” instead of “Grandma”. They are complicated, grandmothers, aren’t they?

une ruelle (f) = alley(way), lane
la fenêtre (f) = window
la mamie (f) = granny
bien sûr, mais je ne suis pas très présentable = of course, but I am not very presentable
ce n’est pas mal du tout = it’s not bad at all
la publicité (f) = advertising

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