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Are creativity and suffering inherently linked? What are the obstacles which keep us from expressing our full aptitudes and that which is within? Is it the words and admonishments of others, or the thoughts in our own minds, which stop us in our tracks? Here are some thoughts from those who’ve successfully bypassed their fears to follow the Artist’s Way…

Elizabeth Gilbert’s address at TED Talks

Debra and Ari Seth Cohen discuss fears which block creativity

Of course, Julia Cameron wrote the book on creativity – The Artist’s Way.
She teaches a process of overcoming proscribed mindsets and negative self-talk, to retrieve the sense of integrity and empowerment, autonomy and abundance, that infuse all successful artists. Her program is worth a look, and excerpts from the twelve week course can be found on her website, The Artist’s Way.

One of Cameron’s more interesting concepts, is that of writing out “morning pages”. This is a practice of writing down all the thoughts that fill ones head, whatever they may be, emptying the mind of the worries and distractions holding us back. This isn’t journaling, per se. It’s simply a disgorgement of the clutter within and getting it outside our minds, filling her requirement of three sheets of paper, which may be kept, or tossed. I’ve found this practice fascinating and reveletory. She explains the morning pages process here. Even if you don’t participate in her program, I recommend a look at some of these ideas.

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Debra is one of several older women Ari Seth Cohen interviewed during the making of his current book “Advanced Style”. As you can see here, Debra’s personal style and sense of confidence enlivens any setting, and her sunny smile and sense of humor makes any item seem haute couture.

My whole life I’ve been opposed to black because I figure there’s such a fabulous range of color, why does one have to go to black?

“if you can’t wear something upside down, inside out, and backwards, it’s not worth owning!”

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